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Don’t let 2015 be the year you lose 30% of your traffic because of mobile usability issues!

Google is Taking Mobile Seriously – Are You?

After years of warning businesses to prepare, Google is now taking significant action against sites who aren’t mobile-friendly.

  • 2012

    Early studies from Google show that 61% of users will leave a website that isn’t mobile friendly.

  • 2013

    Mobile searches now make up 25% of all searches!

    50% of the average global mobile web uses mobile as their primary or exclusive means of getting online.

  • 2014

    Mobile accounts for 30% of all web traffic. Google says, “We cannot overstate how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website”.

  • 2015

    Google begins sending emails to Google Webmaster Tools account holders whose sites are not mobile-friendly stating that pages with usability issues "…will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users." img-webmaster-tools

  • February 26, 2015

    Google announces that as of April 21st, an algorithm change favoring mobile-friendly websites will have a “significant” impact on search results, a phrase they haven’t used to describe an update in a long time. img-google-tweet

  • now is TIME TO ACT!

It’s not just about Google…

It’s about your customers, too!

The explosive growth of mobile traffic proves that people now expect to be able to read your site on any device, anywhere.

Surfing a normal website on a mobile device is a terrible experience,

and bad experiences mean fewer sales.

When a page loads…

Normal Website BAD
Mobile-Friendly Good

When you read text…

Normal Website BAD
Mobile-Friendly Good

What are my options?

Whether you want to convert your existing design to a mobile-friendly format, update your site’s look and feel or completely overhaul your entire design, we’ve got a solution that fits.

Mobile Update

You like the look and feel of your site and are happy with its performance, but want to ensure your site is mobile-compliant.

We will…

  • Convert your existing design to a mobile-friendly format
  • Fix all mobile usability issues and problematic pages, following best practices that meet Google's guidelines
  • Move your site onto a user-friendly content management platform, so that your team can manage your own pages and content (usually WordPress)
  • Ensure your website is SEO and marketing friendly, loads quickly and is easy to use

Modern Refresh

Your site is 2-3 years old and needs a new look that’s both modern and mobile-ready

Everything from our “Mobile Update” service, plus we will…

  • Redesign your website with a fresh, modern look that fits your brand
  • Ensure your new design meets all current best practices for responsive, mobile-friendly web design
  • Analyze the content and layout of your most important pages to ensure they're ready to convert
  • Create optimized "Calls to Action" that drive customer response and improve sales through your website

Complete Overhaul

Your site is aging and needs a significant update or rebuild to avoid losing traffic and conversions.

Everything from our “Modern Refresh” service, plus we will…

  • Review (or define) your marketing objectives to determine which parts of your existing website have worked well, which have failed, and what content might be worth saving in the pending rebuild
  • Analyze your sales funnel, traffic channels and existing content to discover missed opportunities
  • Create an online marketing strategy to capitalize on the opportunities we've identified
  • Plan and wireframe a brand new website, ensuring the new information architecture and design are built to sell
  • Optimize crucial on-page elements to improve your rankings and traffic through search
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Examples: Before & After

Check out the end results of just a few of our responsive web design projects. You’re next!

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  • slide-dr-kuhn-320-767
  • slide-healing-320-767
  • slide-syntorial
  • slide-dr-kuhn
  • slide-healing

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